Monday, November 3, 2008

Hartley Halloween Hooligans!

We had a wonderful Halloween this year! The weather was beautiful, with high temperatures in the upper 70's here in Kansas for Halloween day... GORGEOUS, considering we've had freezing temperatures in years past. UNBELIEVABLE!

Enjoy the below pictures of our 3 cutie pies....

Happy Fall to you all!
xo The Hooligans
PS -- Nice wig, Scott! Pretty fancy, Madam.... HA!
Introducing.... a new member of our family!

Meet ROMEO! Romeo is an 8 week old whippet puppy. Our son just got him recently as an early birthday & Christmas present. He could not be happier!

Not sure what our 2 Italian Greyhounds, Pre (11 years old) and Halley (12 years old), think of Romeo yet, but this picture melted our hearts! SO FAR, SO GOOD!

The Hooligans